Nada digo de ti, que em ti não veja
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A city with militia, racism, fake news, prize-giving, conservatism, religious fanaticism and dirty streets. It looks like 2020, but this is Rio de Janeiro in 1732, the year in which the historical novel “Nothing I say about you, that I can't see in you” is set, third by Eliana Alves Cruz and the first by the awarded author by Pallas Editora. The narrative is electrifying. Among the themes, transsexuality stands out, rarely present in a period plot, and the fake news so in vogue, through anonymous letters that threaten to reveal some of the best kept secrets of the members of the two rich families that cross in the 200 pages of title. “I say nothing about you, that I don't see in you” is also, as Elisa Lucinda said in the presentation, the story of an impossible, strong and true love.