The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
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At the end of the 18th century, the English poet and engraver William Blake contacted a powerful demon. The infernal creature, then, revealed to him the Wisdom of Hell and the way it could be passed down from generation to generation by using copper plates, corrosive acids and singular inks. Centuries later, the fates of a tormented hitman, a luxury call girl, a corrupt spiritual leader, and a visionary artist merge into a retelling of the Blakean illuminated book. Here, you will find blood, desire and revenge.
Written by Eneias Tavares (Brasiliana Steampunk and Full Steam Punks!) and illustrated by Fred Rubim (Cão Negro and Le Chevalier), this graphic novel draws from the William Blake original and Quentin Tarantino aesthetics to present the urban savagery of São Paulo in a plot full of pop references, intense colors and fiery conflicts!