Power and Trade
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In the face of the current challenges of multilateral trade worldwide, with the threat of tariff wars on all sides, it may be useful to ask: How have the international trade policies of the United States developed in recent decades? Tullo Vigevani, Filipe Mendonça and Thiago Lima set out to answer this and other questions in 'Power and Trade – United States Trade Policy'.

“This book discusses a central issue: the United States’ international trade policy, focusing attention on the institutions that formulate it and the delivery mechanisms”, the authors write. “Therefore, international relations, economic policies, conceptual issues of international trade, the American economy, institutions, administration, Congress and society will all be considered”.

Throughout the 11 chapters, divided temporally, the authors bring light to long-term issues, such as the challenges and opportunities perceived by the main trade policy agencies (USTR, Departments of Commerce, Agriculture, Treasury and State) that emerged after the end of the Cold War or how the constraints, created by domestic policy, especially the Congress, on international trade policy, have changed through the years.

“We can say the methodology of this book is similar to that of great narratives and was used on the same way as documentary research. It also dialogues with theories of international relations and international trade”, the authors write.