Introduction to Logic – 2nd edition
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"Logic is the science that studies principles and methods of inference, whose main goal is to determine under which conditions certain facts will or will not precede others”, Cezar Augusto Mortari explains in a clear and didactic way in 'Introduction to Logic'.

The texts, originally released in 2001, come from Logic lessons taught by Mortari in the undergraduate course of Philosophy at Santa Catarina Federal University. In a rich and passionate way, the author approaches logic and its transformations throughout the twentieth century, the transition from a science that only encompassed valid argumentation to a discipline of mathematical aspects, involving topics as the theory of recursion and algebra, along with learnings from philosophy of science, robotics, production engineering and computer science.

In this second edition, in addition to an appendix with notions on the theory of syllogisms, propositional logic is presented separately, before predicate calculus. The publication also includes application of exercises and discussion of topics as the semantic value of expressions, syntax of predicate calculus, tautologies, classical propositional calculus, sets, non-classic logics and the relation between logic and arguments. “The present book was conceived as an excellent introduction to this logic and logics in general, whose main drive is the theory of valid inference and correlated matters,” the philosopher, logician and mathematician Newton da Costa points out on the book flap."