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This book is addressed to all who are interested in literature and have always wondered what it is and how many senses and worlds can fit into this word. These questions, truly important to readers all around the world, motivated the distinguished professor Marisa Lajolo to elucidate some questions in 'Literature: yesterday, today, tomorrow'

This book, written 30 years ago, has been updated and embraces the modern times, the age of digital technologies, which seem to subtract readers and, for some, even kills literature itself. “You, your friend, my colleagues, I and all the other members of the very selected Anonymous Readers Club know this is a lie, literature goes well, thank you very much, she’s alive and is sending her best regards …”, Marisa Lajolo comments. “But it’s changed. It changed a lot. Her face, address and even her family have changed. Some people won’t recognize her by the new address and some may disrespect the old family she’s coming from(…) These are grumpy voices. We need to be patient because, in our book, from time to time, we’ll need to dialogue with these and other similar grunts.”

A fine gateway to the knowledge of literature, along the 16 chapters we dive deep into the study of antiquity and, from there, go on a carefree journey throughout the history of the literary genres.