History of sport in Brazil
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Not only for sports lovers, but also for all those who are part of Brazilian history, this book of Mary Del Priore and Victor Andrade de Melo is an interesting research that offers a special look at sport and its institutionalized body practices, inserted in different societies and cultures, but everything is responsible for the formation of a single identity, the Brazilian one.

The book 'History of sport in Brazil: from the Empire to the present day' goes through all the historical contexts in which sport is inserted, from the nineteenth century to the present day, showing how much this subject is gaining space in the media and important publications. The main goal is to understand how sport, being one of the main cultural manifestations of the 20th century, can help us better understand the History of Brazil.

The organizers present the Brazilian modernity, with several meanings, articulating the sport practice with the social, cultural, economic and political dimensions of the country. This helps us have a vision, at once comprehensive and peculiar, of all sporting history through the ages and the way it has collaborated with the construction of the Brazilian identity.

This publication shows the encounter of different types of class, gender and ethnicity on a single nation idea in a country that is recognized because of the soccer tradition, but is prominent and successful in different sport modalities.