My family Enauenê (Minha família Enauenê)
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More About This Title My family Enauenê (Minha família Enauenê)


"To play, to swim in the river or to play football—boys’ activities—or to do tasks that are only girls’? This is the great impasse faced by the book’s protagonist, who is actually author Rita Carelli, in a true story that highlights
the rigid social roles among the men and women of the indigenous village of the Enauenê- Nauê in Brazil. With great sensitivity, the book addresses issues such as social roles, work divisions, cultural diversity and different lifestyles that exist in all cultures. The beautiful illustrations by Anabella López mix collage and painting, explore contrasts and reveal important details of the
tribe, such as the tattoos on the women’s bellies, the shape of the houses and the dimensions of the patio."


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• AEILIJ Award 2020: Children's Book
• White Ravens Catalogue 2019
• FNLIJ Award 2019 - Highly Recommended:
Children’s Book"