The princess and the cloud hunter
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More About This Title The princess and the cloud hunter


Have you ever played see shapes in the clouds up in the sky? The princess in this book loves to do that. The little girl can sculpt clouds in the shape of her memories and dreams. It’s a magical art her father, the king, taught her. She needs nothing but a cloud and a spoon to do the trick. All was well and happy in the kingdom until the disappearance of the king. Thinking he went to get more clouds to make clouds, the princess gets on her pet dragon and takes off to find the king on an adventure full of surprises that will turn out to be the adventure of her lifetime. In her journey to find her father, the princess finds a field of butterflowers, a magic mountain, and meets the cloud hunter! Casting aside any traces of tragedy the girl soon discovers the fate of her father. A sensitive story about clouds, feelings, and coming to terms with eternity. Delicate yet thought¬ful illustrations help set the tone to this book that is a work or art as much as a work of the soul.


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