The inquiring Squad: Fake News Hunters
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More About This Title The inquiring Squad: Fake News Hunters


This is a seemingly light and easy to read book about a group of friends who join in a club to stop the spread of fake news on social media. However, the timeliness and brilliant portrayal of disinformation as a dangerous weapon of manipulation take the readers into a journey that will question the role of mainstream media in today’s information-driven society. Isa, Pudim and Leo are students from Pedro Álvares Cabral School who decide to create the Inquiry Squad to expose Fake News on social networks. They do such an outstanding job that their lives are in danger when their investigations begin to bother the creator of the fake news himself: evil Fake Nilson. That’s when Débora gets on board and they are faced with an opportunity of a lifetime to unmask the villain and reveal his identity. A fun and poignant story written for our generation. The Inquiring Squad – Fake news hunters is a well-written, thought-provoking adventure story that is extremely timely in light of today’s media (almost) unchallenged super powers.


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