Flags of the World
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A flag is a symbol that identifies a man or his group. Beyond mere identification, a flag represents the whole history and culture of a nation and its people. This book is the result of a thorough work that comprehends detailed maps and a special chapter with the history of all flags, from prehistoric times to today, including a study of the different models and formats flags come in. Countries such as Germany, Spain, Japan, the United States and Brazil shine in the spotlight along with the flags of all their states, regions, or provinces. Interesting facts: The Afghanistan Flag has changed 17 times in the last century; The American Flag has changed 28 times since 1775; The flag of Papua New Guinea was designed by Susan Hareho Karike a 15 year-old student; The five “guls” (medallions) on the flag of Turkmenistan are the standards of the traditional designs in Turkish carpets.


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