The Spiritual Being Within
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Who are you really? Who are we really? The Spiritual Being Within brings you to your own true Self - your eternal "I". The "I" has been around since the beginning of time and continues to seek opportunities to meet its own true Self while in the physical body. The eternal "I" is needless, unconditional, nurturing and loving. On earth, the Being within us is challenged by time and spatial limitations, physical distractions, emotional challenges, ideologies, and self-limiting belief systems that nebulise and weaken its connection with the creative "I". In the physical body, we do not really get to know well our eternal "I". This book dissects the eternal "I" into its many facets which I refer to as the unseen bodies within us: from the lower components of the physical body (I am/I have), the emotional body (I feel/I sense), and the mental body (I think) to the higher components of intellectual and spiritual bodies (I AM/WE ARE). The different stages of growth and development can be emotionally and physically painful challenges to the lower components of the "I"; yet, intellectually and spiritually nourishing for the eternal "I". Fortunately, the seemingly insurmountable challenges confronting us are but "light posts" in our journey. We reach this light post after a difficult experience. But how do we recognise these light posts? What signs or symptoms do we get when the eternal "I" is being challenged? Does our past life have to do with the future? How can we live the life that we can only imagine? Our essence is in the Light that is in the Spiritual Being within us which guides us in our journey for healing of Self, others and the world. Today is a new beginning! It's a blessed, beautiful world!