Even More Ketchup than Salsa
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The first six months of running the Smugglers Tavern had been a baptism of fire. The subsequent years were about as much fun as bobbing for apples in a vat of acid.

Having swapped the tin roof of a cold British fish market for the sunny skies of Tenerife, one of Spain's holiday islands, Joe and Joy succeeded in thwarting the first wave of attacks from bungling bureaucrats, bewildered holidaymakers and their own spectacular ineptitude.

What they didn’t realise was that their enemies were regrouping. Not only that, but those enemies had made camp a lot closer to home, enemies that would make their encounters with exploding gas bottles, East European squatters and big-time Charlies seem like chapters from a children's picture book.

Dreams are shattered, relationships left in tatters and sanity is tested in this prize-winning funny travel memoir that lifts the lid on what it's really like when you try to make a better life for yourself overseas.


Joe Cawley is an award-winning author and travel writer. He lives in the hills of Tenerife with his partner and children, a dog called Mouse and five chickens. He's realised he gets most sense out of the chickens.
His first book, More Ketchup than Salsa, was voted 'Best Travel Narrative' by the British Guild of Travel Writers.
Joe's work has been published in many national and international publications including The Sunday Times, New York Post, Conde Nast Traveller and Taipei Times.


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"Top read - a rollercoaster of emotions leaving the reader slightly relieved to have got to the end but then desperate for another go."

"Fantastic read starts where other book finished. Loads of ups and downs but looks as if it was worth it. You wont put this book down until youve finished it."

"Delightful characters, fun, heartache, a real life soap opera unfold in this novel."