The School for Well-Behaved Princesses
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More About This Title The School for Well-Behaved Princesses


Just be your own role model! Sofia was a special princess with special ideas. She loved to walk barefoot with wind-blown hair. Worrying about her future, her mother sent her to the School for Well-Behaved Princesses. Sofia was excited to learn something new, but also a bit sad to leave her toy castle blocks behind. Her dad left her with this advice: Just be yourself and learn what is necessary. But when she attended the famous school, Sofia could not understand why it was necessary to walk on crystal high heels like Cinderella or to have braids serving as a ladder for princes like Rapunzel. When it came to attracting beautiful little birds with her song, Sofia accidentally called a dragon instead, and flew back home with him right away. Who would have thought that this rebel princess would end up getting married to a prince? But not just an ordinary prince, that's for sure . . .