Courageous Christian Leadership
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Courageous Christian Leadership provides practical steps that help a leader grow in their personal and professional life. This book helps transform the organizational culture, climate, and commitment to achieve a shared vision. Courageous Christian Leadership provides a road map for the fledgling leader in moving the organization into the future and challenging the veteran leader's approach to leadership. Leader's decision making impacts the organizational direction, so a leader's preparation is essential to making the right decisions. This book is helpful information if you're concerned about your church, business, and organization thriving in today's global environment without compromising the organization's values.


Fitzgerald Reed is Chief Executive Officer and Senior Pastor of Salem Christian Church. He is the Owner and Broker of Reed Insurance Group. Dr. Fitzgerald Reed graduated from Regent University, School of Business and Leadership, where he earned the Doctor of Strategic Leadership degree. He is a Coach and Mentor to Pastors and Christian Leaders. He organized for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Fitzgerald has spent the last twenty years studying and researching the concept of organizational leadership and worked in leadership roles as a District Manager, Director, Coordinator, and Community Leader. His education and experiences shaped his leadership styles. He is a Transformation Leader that prepares the next generation of leaders.