Why Believe It?
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More About This Title Why Believe It?


"John has written a book of Christian apologetics, answering questions about the Christian faith through facts of history, science, and scripture.

Many people have personal beliefs based on a compilation of religious ideas embedded from day-to-day experiences and hearsay. We need a deliberative theology based on proper hermeneutics of scripture, which in no way contradicts facts of the history of the church, secular history, and science.

The practical guide used for understanding the Scriptures will be the historical, grammatical, and literary approach, which takes into consideration that our Bible was written by humans at different times, cultures, and circumstances but always under the superintendence of the Holy Spirit, therefore making it God?s infallible Word.

This book endeavors to bring the author?s insight and spiritual gifts to its pages to share God?s message of grace and hope for all mankind through the reconciling and saving work of Jesus Christ."

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