Vincent van Gogh & the Colors of the Wind

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More About This Title Vincent van Gogh & the Colors of the Wind


Vincent van Gogh was a complicated person. No one understood that better than his younger brother, Theo. While others saw Vincent as a madman, wandering into the fields with his canvases and paintbrushes, Theo knew that he saw the world like no one else did. And even though Vincent struggled with mental illness and poverty, Theo recognized his incredible artistic talent—as the rest of the world now does.
Inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s letters, with illustrations modeled after his famous paintings, this lyrical story provides a thoughtful and fresh look at the life of one of history’s most beloved artists.


Chiara Lossani has been writing children's books since 1995. In addition to being an author, Chiara is the director of the Municipal Library Association of Trezzano sul Naviglio and the councilor for libraries for the Italian Children's Writers Association. She lives in Italy.

Octavia Monaco has been an illustrator for over twenty years. Her previous books include Klimt and His Cat (Eerdmans) and A Brave Little Princess (Barefoot Books). Along with painting and illustrating, Octavia also teaches illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna. She lives in Italy. "