How to Influence People: Motivate, Inspire and Get the Results You Want
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More About This Title How to Influence People: Motivate, Inspire and Get the Results You Want


Master the power of influence and persuasion.

What if you could instantly boost your capability to influence, motivate and connect with people? How could it increase your productivity, team culture and bottom line? Better yet, what if you could influence yourself to achieve greater success? Imagine the impact that would have on your life and fortunes.

How to Influence People takes these ideas out of the realm of what-if and turns them into reality.

Whether you're a new manager looking for direction, an experienced leader looking to hone your skills or a sales professional looking for better ways to connect, How to Influence People is for you! 

Originally published in 2013 as The Ultimate Book of Influence, this book has been reviewed and redesigned to become part of the Wiley Be Your Best series - aimed at helping readers acheive professional and personal success. 


Chris Helder is one of the world's most outstanding speakers on the topic of communication, leadership and influence. He is also the author of Useful Belief.


Foreword vii

About Chris Helder ix

Introduction: The new reality xi

Part I: Influencing yourself: action and clarity 1

1 Tool number 1: breaking down the e-wall 5

2 Tool number 2: the butterfly 21

3 Tool number 3: the sunset 33

Part II: Influencing Others: inspiring and motivating 55

4 Tool number 4: act as if 59

5 Tool number 5: FOR, ORF, ROF 79

6 Tool number 6: positive, positive, positive — negative 99

7 Tool number 7: the colours 113

Conclusion 133

Appendix: How are you tracking? 135