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Our world is busy like never before. We’re bombarded with text messages and social media posts. Our screens flicker and glow, and we’re always on the go. But what if we just . . . stopped? What if we instead devoted more time to silence and stillness—to contemplation?

Well, we would encounter the grace of God in radical ways, says Peter Traben Haas, who insists that the church’s best path into the future is a contemplative one. Drawing from ancient wisdom, monastic spiritual practices, and contemporary neuroscience, Haas unpacks the benefits of meditative prayer for our interior lives and the life of our Christian communities.

Haas’s Contemplative Church presents a wonderful view of how ancient church practices can contribute to the church’s flourishing in the future.


Peter Traben Haas is an ordained Presbyterian (PCUSA) pastor and founder of He earned an MDiv from Princeton Seminary and a doctorate of ministry from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. A certified Centering Prayer instructor and retreat leader, Peter is also the author of Centering Prayers: A One-Year Companion for Going Deeper into the Love of God.


Thomas Keating
— from the foreword
“In this impressive and well-researched presentation of the contemplative dimension of the gospel, Peter Haas respectfully and lovingly reaches out to those in the Protestant tradition, pleading with them to restore and renew the tradition of contemplative prayer and practice in their communities. . . . The practice of contemplative prayer gradually heals the emotional wounds of a lifetime while at the same time awakening an unshakeable trust in God’s infinite mercy and love.”