Life Sciences for the 21st Century
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Which ones are the currently most dynamic areas in the Life Sciences? And where do future challenges lie, as we enter the new millennium? Discover how top-of-the-league scientists view the current state of their discipline and where they expect the next important breakthroughs to occur. In a carefully selected collection of essays, world-class scientists, all of them awardees of the prestigious Nobel, Lasker or Wolf prizes, describe ground-breaking developments in their particular area of expertise. The selection of topics is as diverse and colorful as life itself. Will advances in molecular biology allow us to learn all about the cell's internal workings? What are the prospects of molecular medicine for the treatment of cancer and other diseases? How will agriculture develop in the era of transgenic plants? How will life on our planet be transformed as the human population continues to increase? The present collection of insightful essays provides fascinating reading for everyone with an active interest in the life sciences. Founded on hard facts as well as on scientific intuition, those who should know best explore today's possibilities and set the goals for future research, creating a unique vision of "Life Sciences for the 21st century".