Asia's Banking CEOs: The Future of Finance in theAsia Pacific
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More About This Title Asia's Banking CEOs: The Future of Finance in theAsia Pacific


Peter Hoflich has written a book which gives a truly informative perspective of banking in Asia. Not only has he profi led a wide range of CEOs of varying background, nationality and ambition, but he has also given valuable insights into the banking infrastructure itself in many countries. Whether it is the astonishing growth story of HDFC under Aditya Puri, the bureaucrat turned banker focus of Guo Shuqing of CCB, the regulatory pressures under which Syed Ali Raza works at National Bank of Pakistan, the new frontier potential of internet-only banks such as Matsuo Taiichi’s eBank and Ishii Shigeru’s Sony Bank and more—there is something here for every observer of Asian banking. –Andrew Long Group General Manager & Head of Global Transaction Banking, HSBC If you want to get a good insight into the strategies and thinking that drive bankers in Asia, this is the book for you. It is not very often that you get a chance to know the personal philosophies of bank executives, but also something about their backgrounds and histories. This book gives great insights into where some of the most important banks in Asia are headed and what challenges they face. The scope is very broad, featuring banks and bank executives in Japan, China, Korea, India, Pakistan, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Not only are the largest banks covered but also the smaller ones, and one of the more interesting sections is about the executives that run the internet banks. A fascinating and well-written book. –Mark Mobius President, Templeton Emerging Markets This is an always interesting and often intriguing look behind the scenes at some of the Asian financial institutions that are helping to shape our future and the bankers who run them. Peter Hoflich has a provocatively edgy style that makes for a quick read. –Craig Weeks Managing Director, Global Trade Services, JPMorgan Whether you lived through the Asian financial crisis, are new to the region, or are a veteran global banker, this book is enlightening. Peter Hoflich captures the essence of some of the great leaders in Asian banking, their institutions and environments. He reveals how they formed or transformed institutions at lightning speed during the past decade resulting in some of the largest global banks and some of the most nimble. The personalities shine through with descriptions such as “a salty northerner” and “the grizzled demeanor of a chain smoker.” Most have passion and vision plus strong disciplines to liberate hidden potential both for their countries and for the global banking industry. An inspiring read. –Karen Fawcett Group Head of Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank One of the best business books I have read in many years. It accurately describes our recent history in banking, especially in the fast-moving consumer banking world. It is also a book about strategy, management and innovation. But, more difficult, it is a unique gallery of portraits of leaders who made Asian fi nancial services what it is today, with managers who taught us many lessons and whose clarity of analysis, efficiency in action and contributions to the industry and society will continue to influence all of us and help us build the future of banking in our region. This book is a must. Reading it, you will discover banking in Asia. Studying it, you will understand its development. Reflecting on it, you will be able to learn even more about yourself, about your opportunities, and your own way to demonstrate your leadership. –Philippe Paillart Managing Partner, Sin Rong Investment and Advisory Group