Capture the Moment - A Practical Guide to SportsPhotography - London 2012 and Beyond
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More About This Title Capture the Moment - A Practical Guide to SportsPhotography - London 2012 and Beyond


A practical guide to taking gold–medal photos at London 2012 The anticipation of the 2012 Olympics in London is building at a frenzied pace and anyone fortunate enough to be in attendance will want to capture every breathtaking moment. With this essential book, award–winning photographer Andy Hooper delivers must–have information for taking the best photos possible in a variety of situations. You’ll learn how to get amazing action photos, deal with a range of lighting and exposure challenges, and be prepared for unexpected surprises at both indoor and outdoor events. Packed with more than 120 full–color photos from the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing, Athens, and Sydney, this indispensible guide shares professional advice on troubleshooting and technical set up, and prepares you for exactly what you can and cannot do in each venue. Shows how to improve photography across the full range of Olympic and Paralympic sports as well as shots of the crowd, the city, the Torch Relay, Opening and Closing ceremonies, and Cultural Olympiad events Offers critical advice for taking photos of fast–moving sporting events, handling a variety of lighting situations, and dealing with restrictions on camera and access Features more than 120 award–winning color images from the most recent Olympic and Paralympic Games Shares tips for avoiding mistakes, dealing with unforeseen situations at both indoor and outdoor venues, and thinking on your feet Whether you’re a novice or professional photographer, this must–have resource shows you how to capture everything at London 2012, from the heartache of an injured athlete to the elation of an Olympic medalist.