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"This book illustrates and defines appropriate contents that are usually not envisioned or discussed to gain an advantage of advocating successful award-winning projects, achieving proper fee status, and creating exposure toward obtaining further business projects to enhance their professional practice.

Kala believes that the process of establishing the building?from concept through completion?must remain faithful to the design concept, adhere to planned construction technology, and be supported by the surrounding neighborhood community in their cities.

This book presents the particular inceptions during all phases listed below for gaining the success of Practicable Professional Architecture Practice (PPP) for the qualified junior and practicing architects to lead toward their fruitful and realistic practice.

The following phases are listed and described as the conceptions and applications of the knowledge, skills, and techniques to produce a broad range of activities to control the successful projects:

1. Feasibility studies, assignments to constitute designing, and building the project on the property;
2. Clients? demand as Requests for Proposal (RFP); to gain and review architects? selections;
3. Schematic design: integrating a preliminary design phase and advanced construction process;
4. Design development phase confirming the planning aspects;
5. Interior Design;
6. Construction document phase;
7. Bidding process; and
8. Site supervision."

Exhibited At: International book fairs