Kalavati Somvanshi

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"As an author, Kalavati Somvanshi, AIA, RA, B. Arch. degree with first class and design excellence award, G.D.Arch., AAJJA (maiden name: Kala Parab) graduated in 1963 from Sir JJ College of Architecture in Bombay (Mumbai), India and achieved B. Arch and G. D. Arch degrees. Kala worked with two architectural firms till 1966; Gregson, Batley & King, and Pheroze Kudianawala Architects, both in Bombay. In her career spanning 47 years, Kala has mainly worked in various countries, gaining experience in architecture and interior design, with extensive experience in the US. Having worked here for 43 years, of which 34 years were spent working in New York. Kala is a registered architect, a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and a life member of the Alumni Association of Sir JJ College of Architecture (AAJJA).Her extensive projects with the famous firms in the US are; Public Libraries, Museums, Public Schools High-rise Condominium Building worth $ 90 - $ 214 million each and six additional private houses."