Lecture Notes: Human Physiology
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More About This Title Lecture Notes: Human Physiology


Lecture Notes: Human Physiology provides concise coverage of general physiology for medical students as well as students of biological sciences, sport science, pharmacology and nursing.

This fifth edition of the ever popular Lecture Notes: Human Physiology has been thoroughly revised and updated by a new international team of authors. The simple structure and systems-based approach remain, with a new clean layout for ease of reading and colour now incorporated to aid understanding.

Lecture Notes: Human Physiology:

  • Provides more focus on pathophysiology for clinical relevance
  • Is the perfect introduction for medical and allied health care students
  • Now includes physiology of pain and increased coverage of heart and the vascular system
  • Includes a completely revised chapter on the nervous system.


Ole H. Peteresen Vice-President of The Royal Society; MRC Research Professor; George Holt Professor of Physiology, University of Liverpool, UK



1. Cell Physiology.

2. Cellular Communication.

3. Introduction to the Nervous System.

4. Signalling in the Nervous System.

5. Muscle.

6. Sensory Systems.

7. Special Senses.

8. Motor System.

9. Higher Nervous Functions.

10. Pain.

11. Endocrine System.

12. Reproduction.

13. Blood.

14. Introduction to the Cardiovascular System.

15. Cardiovascular System-The Heart.

16. Vascular System.

17. Cardiovascular Regulation, Regional Circulation and Circulatory Adjustments.

18. Respiration.

19. Digestive System.

20. Kidney.

21. Fluid and Electrolyte Balance.

22. Energy Metabolism.

23. Temperature Regulation.

24. Exercise.



“A practical, easy-to-read text that incorporates diagrams alongside text to aid understanding. Concise and to the point, it serves as an ideal student text.” Medical Student, Peninsula

“A thoroughly informative and useful anthology of human physiology, perfectly suited to medical and scientific students alike, who are looking for a core text with which to edify their understanding. It will bring physiology alive to you by exploring the systems in a clear and compelling manner.” Medical Student, Imperial

“The text covers important concepts in physiology, both at the organ system and cellular levels. It stresses essential and relevant content with clarity and includes numerous tables and illustrations.” Medical Student, Bristol University

"Petersen's Human Physiology is 650 pages of excellently presented, readable science. It is suitable for medical and undergraduate life science students. Extraneous details are kept to a minimum, and the text would cover any medical school curriculum." Medical Student, Dundee University

“Physiology is not easy at the best of times; this book covers in detail all you need to know in an easy to understand manner- giving you the basic ground knowledge to form your clinical knowledge on top.” Medical Student, HYMS

"Includes none of the clutter you have to wade through in other books. The content is condensed down to the essential information and is presented in a very readable layout. Excellent for consolidating your learning. Compact yet comprehensive." Medical Student, Brighton Sussex Medical School