The Tithe: The Doctrine that is Hindering the Church
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Which of these covenants is in force today, and is Grace really the one you are living by? Is the Body of Christ living by a mixture of the two? As a Christian, Alan Winker lived under the Mosaic Law for ten years. Although he learned about the Hebrew roots of his faith, he also witnessed the confusion produced by trying to live a life of Jesus’ Grace while adhering to the Mosaic Law, the ministry of death. It also opened his eyes to the amount of law and legalism that is in operation in many grace-based churches, particularly when it concerns money―specifically tithing. Now, discover for yourself why not only tithing, but all of the Mosaic Law―including the Ten Commandments―is not for Believers in Jesus and His New Covenant. Get ready to: Have a spiritual relationship with Jesus separate from RELIGION (i.e. bondage). Walk in the FREEDOM that Jesus has purchased for you, (Galatains 5:1.) Be FREE to GIVE as the Holy Spirit directs. Alan is a Ministry School graduate of Charis Bible College, in Woodland Park, Colorado and is on the Board of Directors of God Spectrum Ministries.