Wiley Study Guide for 2018 CFP Exam Volume 2
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About the Professors vii

Contributors viii

Welcome to CFP Exam Review ix

Investment Planning 1

Characteristics, Uses, and Taxation of Investment Vehicles 3

Types of Investment Risk 13

Quantitative Investment Concepts 17

Measures of Investment Returns 28

Asset Allocation and Portfolio Diversification 35

Bond and Stock Valuation Concepts 44

Portfolio Development and Analysis 60

Investment Strategies 68

Alternative Investments 78

Tax Planning 85

Fundamental Tax Law 87

Income Tax Fundamentals and Calculations 101

Characteristics and Income Taxation of Business Entities 125

Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates 136

Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) 142

Tax Reduction/Management Techniques 147

Tax Consequences of Property Transactions 155

Passive Activity and At-Risk Rules 169

Tax Implications of Special Circumstances 174

Charitable/Philanthropic Contributions and Deductions 184

Retirement Savings and Income Planning 191

Retirement Needs Analysis 193

Social Security and Medicare 205

Medicaid 217

Types of Retirement Plans 221

Qualified Plan Rules and Options 240

Other Tax-Advantaged Retirement Plans 259

Regulatory Considerations 276

Key Factors Affecting Plan Selection for Businesses 294

Distribution Rules and Taxation 298

Retirement Income and Distribution Strategies 307

Business Succession Planning 313

Estate Planning 317

Characteristics and Consequences of Property Titling 319

Strategies to Transfer Property 326

Estate Planning Documents 331

Gift and Estate Tax Compliance and Tax Calculation 338

Sources of Estate Liquidity 358

Types, Features, and Taxation of Trusts 363

Marital Deduction 378

Intra-Family and Other Business-Transfer Techniques 382

Postmortem Estate Planning Techniques 389

Estate Planning for Nontraditional Relationships 396