Balance is B.S.: How to Have a Work. Life. Blend.
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More About This Title Balance is B.S.: How to Have a Work. Life. Blend.


Combine the best parts of your personal and professional life to live the life you really want

Balance is B.S. is an unflinching and honest look at the challenges today’s working woman faces in balancing her professional and personal lives. In the United States, women comprise over 40% of household income. Increased gender diversity in the modern business landscape continues to have a positive impact on bottom lines and revenue reports across the economy, and offers significant benefits for ambitious women in the workplace. This increase of women in the workforce does present a serious problem—women are working longer and harder outside of the home, but their workload has not lessened inside of the home. While their career prospects rise, expectations of their family and personal lives remain flat. Women pursue the mythical “work-life” balance, and feel guilty for not reaching it. There is a better way.

This insightful book provides working women with real-world advice, enabling them to blend their personal and professional lives, avoid burning out, and raise expectations of themselves and those around them. Every chapter presents practical exercises to identify values, and focus on what matters most. Following the path laid out by this essential guide, you will learn how to: 

  • Blend business and personal lives together without compromising your values
  • Adjust expectations of yourself and others around you
  • Use practical exercises and effective techniques to combine work, social, family, and parenting lives
  • Stop feeling guilty about your work-life balance, and embrace the best parts of both 

Balance is B.S. is an invaluable resource for working women regardless of profession, experience, and status. Author Tamara Loehr draws on her years of entrepreneurial success to share her proven methods of merging work, play, and family to map out and reach the life you actually want to live.


TAMARA LOEHR is a leading wellness entrepreneur, mother of two young daughters, and married with a stay-at-home dad. She started her first business at age 19, and went on to win countless global business awards. Tamara speaks internationally on how to rapidly grow your business without compromising your health, family, and self. Tamara's passion is empowering entrepreneurs to drive positive change in the world. Leading by example, all of Tamara's brands are committed to profit and purpose, entrenching giving into every sale as a "cost of goods."

In Australia, women now earn more than men (and that"s while being paid 20% less). Tamara's proud to be one of them, having achieved over $10M in revenue in 2 years with no capital. Her unique approach to business, now applied to her range of cruelty-free, vegan, and ethical products, is revolutionizing the beauty industry in America. Tamara shares how she makes it work so that more women can have a 'blended' life without compromises.


Part One Balance Is Bullshit

Chapter 1: Rising Without Compromising

Chapter 2: The Myths that Keep Us Down

Chapter 3: Balance Is Bullshit: Blend Instead

Part Two A Workbook for Rising Women

Chapter 4: Moving up vs Rising: How to use this book to lift up every area of your life

Chapter 5: V Squared: How to know your values and know your value

Chapter 6: Vision Boards Are Bullshit: How to set effective goals

Chapter 7: Make It About the Journey: How and why to write your bucket list


Chapter 8: Filling Up Your Soul: How to stay stable and ride the roller coaster

Chapter 9: Breaking Out of Your Bubble: How to keep growing into the person you want to be


Chapter 10: Choose Your Own Adventure: How to make career moves that match your values

Chapter 11: Work-Life Blend: How to ditch balance and get people on board with blending

Chapter 12: When Breadwinning Doesn’t Feel Like ‘Winning’: How to cope with pressure and keep your financial promises


Chapter 13: “Thanks for asking.”: How to name expectations, make agreements and carry your own bags

Chapter 14: “Mommy, don’t go!”: How to get over guilt and be the parent you want to be

Chapter 15: The Business of Family: How to build culture and be a leader at home

Chapter 16: Territory vs Tribe: How to foster friendships that bring out your best

Chapter 17: Why Blending Matters: How to get laser focus to create your legacy

Part Three Keep Blending

Chapter 18: ’Things to do because I want to’: Build your own blended life

Index of Coaching Exercises