Season’s Stranger (A Novel)
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There's a stranger in Laurel Ledge--at least to Cori and Cori is intrigued. Her pursuit of a possible romance coincides with her favorite time of year from the harvest festivities typical of New England in the fall through the many celebrations associated with the Christmas season. Yet, other unanticipated events cause Cori to refocus and become plunged into adventures she never intended to pursue. As a counselor for a private consulting agency, Cori becomes embroiled in danger through what appears to be a criminal cover-up in a posh ski-resort community. Purposely concealed facts are unearthed in her personal history that make her doubt the truth about her great-great grandmother, Cora, for whom she had been named. Love, endurance, deceit and abandonment all are familiar to Cori. Despite the setbacks, Cori gets that living out one?s faith does not just happen within the confines of the church buildings. Plan to join Cori in this romantic journey.