Digital Transformation: Building Intelligent Enterprises
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More About This Title Digital Transformation: Building Intelligent Enterprises


Building Intelligent Enterprises by leveraging SAP Leonardo and Next Generation technologies to accelerate the adoption of digital transformation

Organizations are eager to join the digital revolution so they can succeed in the future. Digital Transformation provides a roadmap for digitization, covering topics like Cloud Platform, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Robotic Process Automation. 

The author covers the complete understanding of SAP Leonardo and other next generation technologies, while also providing a broader, top-down guide for managers and executives looking to digitize key processes within their organizations. This book is written for managers and directors who want to keep up-to-date with the latest technological trends. It covers digitization in broad strategic terms, delving deeper into certain key topics and what it means for the business and how the enterprise can adapt and onboard the digital roadmap to accelerate the rotation to the new. 

•          Accelerate your company’s digital transformation through new technologies
•          Stay relevant, compete, and perform
•          Build an intelligent enterprise
•          Understand and utilize digital transformation within the business processes 

Managers, directors, and IT professionals will find the guidance they need to leverage SAP and other technologies to digitally transform their organizations and build intelligent enterprises.