Education and Expertise
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The relevance of expertise to professional education and practice is explored in this collection of original contributions from educationalists, philosophers and psychologists.

  • Discusses the increasingly prominent debates about the nature of know-how in mainstream analytical epistemology
  • Illuminates what is involved in professional expertise and the implications of a sound understanding of professional expertise for professional education practice, curriculum design and assessment
  • All contributions are philosophically grounded and reflect interdisciplinary advances in understanding expertise


MARK ADDIS is a Research Associate at the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science at the London School of Economics. He was Professor of Philosophy at Birmingham City University and a visiting professor at the Department of Culture and Society at Aarhus University. He has published in the areas of the history of analytic philosophy and the philosophies of mind and science.

CHRISTOPHER WINCH is Professor of Educational Philosophy and Policy at King's College London. He previously taught Philosophy and Education at the University of Northampton and worked as a lecturer in Further Education and as a primary school teacher in Yorkshire. He has worked on numerous empirical projects connected with vocational and professional education.


Notes on Contributors vii

Introduction 1
Mark Addis and Christopher Winch

1 Activity Concepts and Expertise 21
Mark Addis

2 The Role of ‘Autonomy’ in Teaching Expertise 38
Irene Bucelli

3 Three Views on Expertise: Philosophical Implications for Rationality, Knowledge, Intuition and Education 58
Fernand Gobet

4 Drawing on a Sculpted Space of Actions: Educating for Expertise while Avoiding a Cognitive Monster 75
Machiel Keestra

5 Two Social Dimensions of Expertise 99
Ben Kotzee and JP Smit

6 Making Sense of Knowing-How and Knowing-That 117
Gerard Lum

7 Professional Knowledge, Expertise and Perceptual Ability 138
Christopher Winch

Index 157