Matters of Choice
The prize-winning third story of the Cole Trilogy.
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More About This Title Matters of Choice


Opposing influences complicate the life of Dr. Roberta Cole—the demands of marriage versus professional responsibility; scientific advances versus social consciousness; urban worldliness versus a love of rural values; and the struggle to preserve life versus a belief in a woman's right to choose. This modern novel is the final book in the Cole trilogy.


Noah Gordon has had outstanding international success and his eight novels have been read by millions in thirty-five countries. The Physician, now a major motion picture, has been called a modern classic, and booksellers at the Madrid Book Fair voted it “one of the 10 best-loved books of all time.” Shaman was awarded the James Fenimore Cooper Prize for historical fiction. He lives outside of Boston with his wife, Lorraine Gordon.


“A compelling tale of a woman’s life and a balanced look at the difficult moral issues driving contemporary medicine.” —Publishers Weekly

“Perhaps Gordon’s best work so far.” —Kirkus Reviews

“As worthwhile in rereading as in first reading.” —Booklist