Catch The Wind
Book #2 in The Susquehanna Trilogy
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In the first week of July, a cablegram arrived at the office of the Department of Maternal and Child Health, San Martin University Hospital, Lima. It was addressed to Dr. Nicole Légende and it was marked "Priority."

You are invited to become a member of the International Health Task Force (IHTF). First meeting scheduled 10 - 14 September 1973, United Nations Headquarters, New York. Please cable acceptance Henry Campion, Chairman, IHTF-CAMP, New York soonest possible. Travel documents and information will follow.

It was difficult to fall asleep that night. She had a sense of both anticipation and apprehension. Change always does this to me, she thought. For she had no doubt that this was the beginning of a new chapter in her life.


Harriet Segal is the author of five novels. Her works have been published in a number of foreign languages and have been selections of major book clubs, including the Book-of-the-Month Club.

Ms. Segal was married for forty-eight years to the late Dr. Sheldon J. Segal, an eminent scientist in the field of population and human reproduction, who was a laureate of the United Nations Population Award. During the 1960s, she lived in India where she was a writer for the U. S. Information Agency. This experience and her travels throughout the developing world have influenced her writing and linger as vivid impressions in her novels.

Segal has been described as a storyteller with a strong narrative voice and a talent for painting evocative settings and creating memorable characters. A grandmother of seven, she has recently moved from New York to the Boston suburbs and spends her summers on Cape Cod. Her new novel, First Among Peers, is about the world of medical research and scientific fraud.


"Segal weaves a suspenseful and compelling story, rich in color and incident." ----Publishers Weekly "Beautiful!...Harriet Segal has a talented gift in being able to evoke atmosphere until the scent of flowers or the stench of a market seems to rise from the pages." --Rosalind Laker, author of The Sugar Pavilion

"A colorful, first-rate saga...a dramatic, affecting love story." --Deltona Enterprise

"Vivid, grand-scale highly-charged novel of adventure and political intrigue...well-crafted characters create an unforgettable, thrilling reading experience." --Chattanooga News-Free Press