Julian of Norwich - "In God's Sight" Her Theologyin Context
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More About This Title Julian of Norwich - "In God's Sight" Her Theologyin Context


A noted scholar examines the work of the English mystic Julian of Norwich

Julian of Norwich is the late fourteenth-century and early fifteenth-century English woman theologian. With her mystical writings, she has become one of the most popular and influential spiritual figures of our times. In Julian of Norwich: In God's Sight, the eminent scholar Philip Sheldrake offers a study of the theology that Julian expresses in her writings.

The author examines what is known about Julian’s mystical experience or mystical consciousness, discusses what can be surmised about Julian’s likely identity and places her writings in historical, cultural and spiritual contexts. Julian of Norwich: In God's Sight is based on a faithful reading of Julian’s texts, especially the Long Text, as well as on her own declared theological-spiritual purpose. This compelling book:

  • Presents a contextually-grounded and text-related study of the key elements of Julian’s theology
  • Offers a scholarly work by a well-known expert in the field
  • Unlocks an ever-richer understanding of Julian’s writings
  • Includes an examination of the key texts attributed to Julian

Written for students of theology and those interested in learning more about this popular mystic, Julian of Norwich: In God's Sight offers ascholarly review of Julian’s most important writings.


PHILIP SHELDRAKE is Senior Research Fellow in the Cambridge Theological Federation, Senior Research Associate of the Von H??gel Institute at St Edmund's College, University of Cambridge, and Director of the Institute for the Study of Contemporary Spirituality, Oblate School of Theology, San Antonio, Texas. He has taught and written extensively in the field of Christian spirituality, on the nature of space and place in religion, and on spirituality more generally. He is involved internationally in interreligious dialogue.


Preface viii

Introduction 1

1 Julian in Context 18

2 Julian’s Theology 47

3 Parable of a Lord and a Servant 66

4 Love is God’s Meaning 83

5 Creation and Human Nature 102

6 Sin and Salvation 120

7 Prayer: A Journey of Desire 138

Conclusion 156

Appendix: The Fate of Julian’s Texts 161

Select Bibliography 165

Index 171