The Human Being
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This overview of Christian anthropology by Hans Schwarz uniquely emphasizes three things: (1) the biblical testimony, (2) the historical unfolding of Christian anthropology through the centuries, and (3) the present affirmation of Christian anthropology in view of rival options and current scientific evidence.

Schwarz begins by elucidating the special place occupied by human beings in the world, then ponders the complex issue of human freedom, and concludes by investigating humanity as a community of men and women in this world and in the world beyond. While maintaining a strong biblical orientation, Schwarz draws on a wide range of resources, including philosophy and the natural sciences, in order to map out what it means to be human.

Schwarz's Human Being will interest anyone who is concerned with how in the face of fascinating scientific insights we can intelligently talk today about human sinfulness, human freedom, and human beings as children of the God who created us.


Hans Schwarz is Professor of Systematic Theology andContemporary Theological Issues at the University ofRegensburg, Germany.


Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies
"An ambitious, learned, and helpful study, particularly for those interested in addressing anthropological issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives."

Alan G. Padgett
-- Luther Seminary
"With a teacher's wisdom and deep learning worn lightly, Hans Schwarz discusses biblical, theological, and scientific perspectives on human life. The Human Being is a wonderfully clear presentation of Christian theology, covering all the main points and never failing to present a contemporary perspective on what it means to be human."

J. Wentzel van Huyssteen
-- Princeton Theological Seminary
"This theological anthropology is a remarkable accomplishment. Hans Schwarz has given us a true interdisciplinary work that deals with every possible dimension and topic that one hopes to find in such a volume. . . . Scholars and students will find this book a rich and exciting resource."

Ted Peters
-- Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary
"'Christians are Easter people living from and toward that Easter experience of a new creation,' Schwarz concludes. The anticipation of new creation makes life as a human being exciting and joy-filled. In this detailed and comprehensive theological description of the human person-in-community, Schwarz prophesies that we are who we are because of God's future."

Ernest Simmons
-- Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota
"What does it mean to be human? With his usual encyclopedic coverage of current and historical knowledge, Schwarz addresses this question from a theological perspective incorporating material from biblical studies as well as the life and social sciences while addressing the challenging questions of sustaining human community today. Very readable and accessible."

Lutheran Quarterly
"This book provides a reliable source for reflection about the particularity of human nature, the limits of human freedom, the ambiguity of human life due to sin, and the challenges facing human beings in recognition of our finitude."

Mission Today
"The Human Being is a thoroughly Christian book. It is not only informative but also ultimately comforting. It makes for healthy and profitable reading and should be critically engaged by all teachers and students of Theological Anthropology!"

Reviews in Religion & Theology
"Schwarz is a master of providing overviews of important theological topics. . . . The book gives a most helpful overview of theological anthropology, focusing on biblical, historical, and contemporary viewpoints."

ESSSAT News & Reviews
"A very illuminating and interesting read. . . . A good resource for scientists and philosophers that seek information about theological tradition and how it might relate to the sciences."