Taking Your Soul to Work
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Instead of regarding work as a diversion from the spiritual life, R. Paul Stevens and Alvin Ung are convinced that it is an arena and an incentive for spiritual growth. However, they acknowledge that this is not without its challenges.

Work in Progress examines life in the workplace through an innovative exploration of both the seven deadly sins and the ninefold fruit of the Spirit. This approach provides a framework to reveal how the Spirit has given Christians powerful gifts to overcome struggles the face in the challenges of daily work in a globalized world. The authors interact both with one another and with the wisdom of great spiritual writers of history in order to draw out real-life dilemmas and to suggest practical tips for becoming vibrant disciples in the workplace.

In addition to filling a critical need for a resource on spiritual growth at work, Work in Progress has an intercultural approach — the authors are from Canada and Malaysia — that is particularly dynamic and engaging.


R. Paul Stevens is professor emeritus of marketplace theology and leadership at Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia.


“If you are among the growing number of Christian men and women who want to take your souls into your workplace, this is the book for you. Paul Stevens and Alvin Ung are wise guides.”
— Eugene H. Peterson (from foreword)

“One of the very best practical guides to being a Christian believer in the workplace that I’ve seen — ever!”
— Karen Mullane
Vice President and Director of Faculty Programs, Pearson plc

“Full of deep theological insights. . . . A practical workbook offering sensible answers to the common pitfalls in the modern workplace.”
— Simon Chan
Trinity Theological College, Singapore