Lost Treasures of the Bible
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Lost Treasures of the Bible contains detailed descriptions and photographs of biblically significant archaeological objects housed in over twenty-five museums worldwide. This selection of more than one hundred artifacts -- many of them relatively unknown -- illuminates the history, culture, and practices of the biblical world as a whole. Each entry also outlines that particular object's relevance for understanding the Bible.

To assemble this amazing collection, Clyde Fant and Mitchell Reddish themselves traveled to each of these museums throughout the world. Their photographs, descriptions, and histories of the various artifacts enable readers to appreciate these significant objects to an extent not usually enjoyed by even the most experienced museum visitors.

For travelers visiting such famous museums as the Louvre in Paris, the British Museum, or the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, this volume will be an indispensable companion. Each artifact is located not only as to its museum site but also by its specific identification number, which is particularly valuable for smaller and lesser-known objects -- true “lost treasures.”

Fant and Reddish's Lost Treasures of the Bible will serve as an informative, accessible guide to globe-trotters and armchair travelers alike.


Jodi Magness, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"This engaging book highlights how archaeological artifacts and texts can be used to piece together a picture of the biblical past. The authors present information in a clear, balanced, and highly readable format that will have broad appeal. . . Can be used as a textbook as well as a supplement to guidebooks on visits to museums and archaeological sites."

William G. Dever, University of Arizona
"Lost Treasures of the Bible is ingenious, filling a need that both scholars and laypeople have probably felt quite often. You have a memory of an artifact illustrating life in biblical times, but what exactly was it? And how can you access it conveniently? In this veritable Larousse Arch?ologie, dozens and dozens of relevant artifacts are located in their present whereabouts, described, illustrated from original museum sources, and discussed with admirable balance for their relationship to both the Old and New Testaments. A great general reference work and fun to browse through as well!"

Journal for the Study of the Old Testament
“This book will assist museum visitors, but it could also be enjoyed by ‘armchair travellers’, and even function as an introductory textbook to biblical archaeology.”
The Bible Today
“Extraordinary resource book.”
Teaching the Bible
“Clyde Fant and Mitchell Reddish have written an excellent volume.”
Master’s Seminary Journal
“Highly recommended.”