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More About This Title Saints


This combined edition or our picture books Saints & More Saints presents the stories of remarkable people — martyrs, hermits, miracle workers, scholars, and evangelists — who were the pioneers of the early Church and who spread the Christian faith to the rest of the world. / With brief biographical sketches and lush pencil and oil portraits, author and illustrator Ruth Sanderson stokes the flame of our centuries old and ongoing interest in the faith and lives of these spiritual examples — saints who have forever changed the way we look at and live our lives in relationship to God.


Ruth Sanderson has illustrated many books for children,including Cinderella and The Snow Princess(both Little, Brown) and the companion volumes Saints:Lives and Illuminations and More Saints: Lives andIlluminations. Her artistic style is inspired byRenaissance art, icons, illuminated manuscripts, oldengravings, and woodcuts. She lives in Easthampton,Massachusetts.