Praying at Burger King
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Richard Mouw packs a lot of wisdom into a few dozen small packages. Writing in an easygoing, conversational style, Mouw here considers how the outward life of a Christian should reflect the inner workings of the Spirit. Including columns of Mouw's never before collected in book form, these pieces are alternately amusing, touching, and poignant. From the dignity of chickens to a weeping Savior, Mouw shows how an extraordinary God meets us in everyday life.


Richard J. Mouw is president and professor of Christian philosophy at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California. His many other books include Uncommon Decency, Praying at Burger King, and Abraham Kuyper: A Short and Personal


Library Journal
"[Mouw's] intelligent ideas should prove of interest to Evangelicals and to anyone who is watching where conservative Christianity is headed today."

Rick Warren
— pastor of Saddleback Church, author of The Purpose Driven Life
"When you read Praying at Burger King, you will see how God uses the simple moments in our lives to teach us profound spiritual truths. Rich Mouw's words are both practical and challenging to anyone who wants to live a life of purpose."

Michael Card
— Dove Award-winning songwriter
"Blake spoke of seeing 'the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wildflower.' This is exactly what Richard Mouw has done for us. Whether it is Machiavelli or McDonald's, Martin Luther King or Burger King, Santa Claus or Sister Helen, Mouw helps us to hope that this is indeed a heaven-invaded world. The book is so conversational in tone that at the end of each short chapter is a silence that almost feels like Mouw listening for us to respond."

Marcia Ford
— author of Finding Hope
"With wisdom, insight, and a healthy dose of humor, Richard Mouw helps us navigate our way through the uncharted territory that is twenty-first-century America. Ever Hopeful, Mouw invites us to join him on his journey as he grapples with a confusing culture, a broken people, and a changing church. . . His reflections offer a profound vision of genuine kingdom living in a tumultuous world."

Bob Abernethy
— host of PBS's Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly
"A strong, clear, gracefully written guide to everyday Christian life in a largely secular world. With lively stories and a warm sense of humor, Mouw speaks of prayer, grace, mercy, integrity, greed, patriotism, and even Halloween. In good Calvinist fashion, Mouw never underestimates the problems of modern life, but he also affirms with ringing confidence that wherever we are, all of us, at all times, 'are in the presence of God.' Praying at Burger King is both a delightful read and a generous spiritual gift."

David Neff
— editor of vice-president of Christianity Today
"Richard Mouw has a knack for spotting the theologically sublime in the simple things and the profound in the quirky events of life. Praying at Burger King will open your eyes — and just maybe help you cultivate the same habit of vision."