The Sheep Go on Strike
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More About This Title The Sheep Go on Strike


The sheep on the farm are sick of getting sheared -- so they decide to go on strike! Things get heated as the rest of the animals start to take sides, eventually leading to a furry, feathery scuffle. But when they all sit down together, the sheep learn how important their wool is to the farm, and the animals come up with a creative solution to everyone’s problem.

This colorful, rollicking story demonstrates the importance of collaboration and teamwork and can lead to a wonderful conversation about the art of compromise.


Jean-Francois Dumont is a French author and illustrator who has created many stories for children, including The Chickens Build a Wall (Eerdmans) and A Blue So Blue (Sterling), winner of the 2004 Prix Saint-Exupery, an award given yearly to the best illustrated picture book in France.


Kirkus Reviews
“Dumont's lesson can run shallow or deep, but it is a winner either way.”

Publishers Weekly
“Fun on the farm, with plenty of fodder for conversations about social justice.”

School Library Journal
“This witty, tongue-in-cheek picture book cleverly translates social studies terminology into easy-to-understand concepts.”