The Very Big Carrot
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More About This Title The Very Big Carrot


When six rabbits find a giant carrot, they're not sure exactly what they should do with it. But they have all sorts of grand and adventurous ideas: What if they make it into a boat and visit all the fishes? Or build a carrot airplane to fly away to far-off lands? Or perhaps turn it into the largest house ever?

When the rabbits have exhausted their ideas and dreamed all their carrot dreams, they find that they are rather hungry -- and realize that they may have forgotten the most obvious solution of all. This delightful tale provides the perfect opportunity for young children to let their own imaginations run wild.


Satoe Tone is a children's book author and illustrator fromJapan. She has brought a number of stories to life with herwhimsical art and playful text. She currently lives in Italy.,


Spirituality & Practice
"The wonderful thing about imagination is that it enables us to discover that there is always something new to be felt, seen, known, and appreciated in life. This book shows how much fun it is to spin and share ideas with others."

Children's Hour
"Kids will enjoy the humor, imagination, and maybe even a carrot or two."

School Library Journal
"A fine blend of simple narrative and distinctive illustrations. . . . A wonderful addition."