Edgar Wants to Be Alone
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More About This Title Edgar Wants to Be Alone


Edgar the rat doesn't like company. So when he notices a worm is following him everywhere he goes, Edgar does everything in his power to get rid of his unwelcome companion. But the worm just won't go away! Edgar wants the other animals to solve his problem, but eventually he realizes he might have been part of the problem all along.

From the beloved author of The Chickens Build a Wall, The Geese March in Step, and The Sheep Go on Strike comes another zany story that will keep readers laughing.


Jean-Francois Dumont is a French author and illustrator who has created many stories for children, including The Chickens Build a Wall (Eerdmans) and A Blue So Blue (Sterling), winner of the 2004 Prix Saint-Exupery, an award given yearly to the best illustrated picture book in France.


Kirkus Reviews
"It's a knee-slapper. . . . Best shared with preschoolers just learning irony."

New York Times
"A parable about a grumpy rat who hates everyone, but receives a mind-blowing comeuppance. . . . Dumont's illustrations are in dark, earthy tones, with everything viewed from an inch or so below ground level — where we see actual earthworms obliviously digging their way through the earth. So Edgar and the other animals loom large, their bodies hulking, their tiny features exaggerated — poor, addled Edgar scrunches his brow almost violently — a reminder that what feels huge to us is often, from another perspective, minuscule."

Children’s Literature
“Bright illustrations and the surprise ending may encourage reading of this rat tale.”

Kiss the Book
“This is a clever book with outstanding illustrations that will cause readers of all ages to laugh. From the grouchy main character to the silly surprise ending, this is a book everyone will enjoy. Essential.”