Anguished Hope
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Speaking from their respective disciplines in the humanities, theology, and education, thirteen Holocaust scholars -- both Jewish and Christian -- candidly address the challenges, risks, and possibilities embedded in the discouraging, long-lasting Palestinian-Israeli conflict. They also sharply critique the use of Holocaust terminology or imagery by the modern-day combatants -- on either side -- as trivialization of a unique and devastating event. Anguished Hope casts a powerful vision for a more peaceful future in the Middle East.


Rachel N. Baum
David Blumenthal
Margaret Brearley
Britta Frede-Wenger
Myrna Goldenberg
Peter J. Haas
Henry F. Knight
Hubert Locke
David Patterson
Didier Pollefeyt
Amy H. Shapiro


David Novak
— University of Toronto
"Anguished Hope is a unique contribution to the difficult task of thinking about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in moral terms. Since the Holocaust has become the moral barometer for judging any lethal international conflict, and since the Palestinian-Israeli conflict fully erupted in the wake of the Holocaust, it is right and proper that the two historical events be related by scholars concerned with both of them. The authors of Anguished Hope show quite well how reflection on the moral meaning of the Holocaust can either clarify or obfuscate the moral issues inherent in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict." Michael Berenbaum
— Sigi Ziering Institute, American Jewish University
"Interreligious dialogue at its finest. Coming from diverse religious, theological, and national backgrounds, Holocaust scholars who have worked and struggled together to grapple with the Shoah here confront the deeply divisive issues of the Palestinian-Israeli context. They disagree profoundly but without being disagreeable. They trust each other sufficiently to plunge to the core issues and respect each other deeply enough to critique deeply and share broadly. They illustrate what is required to confront divisions and to bridge differences. This is an impressive collection of thoughtful essays by scholars whose humanity is joined with their learning." Carol Rittner
— Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
"If for no other reason than the honest questions it raises, I encourage you to read and ponderAnguished Hope. Its essays will draw you into the ongoing difficult discussion about Israel and Palestine that should be taking place among Christians and Jews but too often is avoided because of how difficult it is for all interested parties to talk reasonably and compassionately. This is a courageous and provocative book, and I enthusiastically recommend it."