After Vatican II
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Since the closing of Vatican II (1962-1965) nearly fifty years ago, several multivolume studies have detailed how the bishops at the council debated successive drafts and finally approved the sixteen documents published as the proceedings of the council. However, opinions vary, sometimes sharply, about the implications of Vatican II. This volume explores the major flashpoints.

John Connelly
Massimo Faggioli
James L. Heft
M. Cathleen Kaveny
Joseph A. Komonchak
John O'Malley
Francis A. Sullivan
Darlene Fozard Weaver
Robin Darling Young


Terrence W. Tilley
-- Fordham University
"These essays recognize that the historical and cultural context of the Second Vatican Council should shape the interpretation of the resultant texts. After Vatican II shows that the hackneyed focus on the vexed issue of the 'spirit' vs. the 'letter' of the text is a blunder: the 'letter' cannot be interpreted apart from the acts issuing those 'letters,' and the 'spirit' cannot be discerned without understanding the trajectories leading into and resulting from the inspired conciliar actions. After Vatican II makes a sterling contribution to the ongoing reception of the act and acts of Vatican II."

Anthony J. Kelly, CSsR
-- Australian Catholic University
"An historic event resists adequate comprehension because of its ongoing effects, just as it provokes endless interpretation on the part of those influenced, one way or another, by what happened -- and who are now committed to contributing to its unfolding. Given the profusion of emerging responses, both historical and theological, to the conciliar documents of Vatican II, this volume is a valuable guide. The 'trajectories and hermeneutics' expressed in After Vatican II will keep inquiry alive in admirable continuation of the conciliar 'style' -- generous, courageous, pastoral, and deeply ecclesial."

Catholic Library World
“The volume presents a new process of interpretation, taking the Council documents together, examining how they relate to one another, and are dependent on one another. . . . After Vatican II is high recommended. . . . An accessible multifaceted analysis of the place of Vatican II in the larger scope of the Catholic Church past and present.”
Catholic Books Review
“This collection is rich. . . . Some of the articles contribute fresh perspective, others are helpful to articulate the impact and legacy of the council to a generation that thinks Vatican II is the summer residence of the pope.”
Theological Studies 
“The contributors to this volume offer many sharp and constructive insights into the teaching of Vatican II, its implications, and its aftermath. It is a work to be welcomed.”
Midwest Book Review 
“With its blend of history, religious analysis and social insight, it provides hard-hitting analysis perfect for Catholic scholars and others seeking insights into Vatican II’s concepts and revolutionary ideas.”