Innovation Systems in Emerging Economies: MINT (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey)
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More About This Title Innovation Systems in Emerging Economies: MINT (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey)


The aim of this book is to review the innovation systems in their "classical" version before defining them in the light of emerging economies through the objectives of economic and sustainable development. If we return particularly to the innovation system and its importance, we will show through these new MINTs that their innovation systems are perpetuated, based on very localized experiments, despite the fragility of their links, the lack of national coherence of innovation and above all the weakness of their innovation policy.


Casadella Vanessa, Université Picardie Jules Verne.


Preface vii

Chapter 1. Innovation Systems: From Classic Models to Those Linked to Economic Development 1

1.1. NISs: relevant approaches 1

1.1.1. NISs and conceptual flexibility 2

1.1.2. Common characteristics of NISs 13

1.2. NISs of the Southern Countries: emerging economies and economic development 20

1.2.1. NISs of the Southern Countries 23

1.2.2. NISs and economic development 30

1.2.3. Terminological variants of the IS 37

1.3. Features of NIS in MINT 44

1.3.1. Innovation, learning and classification 44

1.3.2. NIS in MINT 50

Chapter 2. Heterogeneity in Innovation Systems in Emerging Economies: Experiences in MINT 57

2.1. Economic performance of MINT in globalization 57

2.1.1. Overall representative data for MINT 58

2.1.2. Heterogeneity of the economic trajectory of MINT 59

2.2. The contribution of innovation to the structural competitiveness of the MINT 81

2.2.1. Analysis of their respective NISs 81

2.2.2. Is growth driven by innovation in MINT? 104

2.3. Systemic failures and vulnerabilities in the MINT innovation systems 107

2.3.1. The multiple systemic failures of the NISs of the MINT 107

2.3.2. Moving toward compelling, if laborious, inclusive growth 112

Conclusion 119

Postface. Innovation Systems for Microfinance 129

Bibliography 137

Index 153