Intelligent Pervasive Computing Systems forSmarter Healthcare
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More About This Title Intelligent Pervasive Computing Systems forSmarter Healthcare


This book describes the innovations in healthcare made possible by computing through bio-sensors.  The reader learns how that goal is being pursued by the editors’ examination of topics such as the design and development of pervasive healthcare technologies, data modeling and information management, wearable biosensors and their systems, and more.  The pervasive computing paradigm offers tremendous advantages in diversified areas of healthcare research and technology.  Pervasive computational support enables the optimization of medical assessment for a healthier, safer, and more productive society.


ARUN KUMAR SANGAIAH, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering, VIT University, India. His areas of interest include software engineering, computational intelligence, wireless networks, bioinformatics, sustainable computing, and embedded systems. He has authored more than 100 publications in different journals and conference of national and international repute. Dr. Sangaiah is an editorial board member and/or associate editor of various journals including International Journal of Intelligent Information Technologies (IGI), International Journal of Cloud Applications and Computing (IGI), International Journal of High Performance System (Inderscience), and more.

S.P. SHANTHARAJAH, PhD, is a Professor at the School of Information Technology and Engineering, VIT University, Vellore, India. His specializations are in Network Security, Database Systems and Decision Support Systems. He is currently pursuing an interdisciplinary research on healthcare and agriculture. He is a Fellow Life member of the Computer Society of India and Indian Society for Technical Education. He had published over 45 journals and book chapters and serves as editor and reviewer for reputed national and international journals.

PADMA THEAGARAJAN, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Computer Applications, Sona College of Technology, Tamilnadu, India. Her research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytic, and Knowledge Based Systems. She received research grantfrom UGC for developing a Decision Support System in the healthcare domain. Dr. Padma is a Fellow of the Computer Society of India and life member of the Indian Society for Technical Education. She serves as editor and reviewer for various national and international journals. She has provided over 30 publications in journals and chapters in books.


List of Contributors

Chapter 1 Intelligent Sensing and Ubiquitous Systems (ISUS) for Smarter and Safer Home Healthcare
Rui S. Moreira, José Torres, Pedro Sobral, and Christophe Soares

Chapter 2 PEMO-EC: A Pervasive Platform for ECG Signal Processing
Angelo Brayner, José Maria Monteiro, and João Paulo Madeiro

Chapter 3 The Impact of Implantable Sensors in Biomedical Technology on the Future of Healthcare Systems
Ashraf Darwish, Gehad Ismail Sayed, and Aboul Ella Hassanien

Chapter 4 Social Network’s Security Related to Healthcare
Fatna Elmendili, Habiba Chaoui, and Younes El Bouzekri El Idrissi

Chapter 5 Multi-Sensor Fusion for Context-Aware Applications
Veeramuthu Venkatesh, P. Balakrishnan, and Pethru Raj

Chapter 6 IoT Based Noninvasive Wearable and Remote Intelligent Pervasive Healthcare Monitoring Systems for Elderly
Stela Vitorino Sampaio

Chapter 7 Pervasive Healthcare System Based on Environmental Monitoring
Sangeetha, A. and Amudha, T.

Chapter 8 Secure Pervasive Healthcare System and Diabetes Prediction Using Heuristic Algorithm
P Pabitha and Rajalakshmi Shenbaga Moorthy

Chapter 9 Threshold-Based Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Critical Data Transmission to Increase Life Time in Heterogeneous Wireless Body Area Sensor Network
P.Deepalakshmi and V.Navya

Chapter 10 Privacy and Security Issues on Wireless Body Area and IoT for Remote Healthcare Monitoring
Prabha Selvaraj and Sumathi Doraikannan

Chapter 11 Intelligent Pervasive Computing Systems for Smarter Healthcare
Padma T and Jayashree Nair

Chapter 12 Image Analysis Using Smartphones for Medical Applications: A Survey
Rajeswari, R. and Jothilakshmi, R.

Chapter 13 Bounds of Spreading Rate of Virus for a Network Through an Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graph
G. Deepa, B. Praba, V.M. Chandrasekaran, K. Rajakumar, and Krishnamoorthy Venkatesan

Chapter 14 Data Mining Techniques for the Detection of the Risk in Cardiovascular Diseases
K. Dinakaran, S. Vishnu Priya, and P. Valarmathie

Chapter 15 E-Health: Bio Sensors
N. Ruban and A. Mary Mekala

Chapter 16 Anomaly Detection and Pattern Matching Algorithm for Healthcare Application: Identifying Ambulance Siren in Traffic
Gowtham Babu K and Sasikala R

Chapter 17 Detecting Diabetic Retinopathy from Retinal Images Using CUDA DEEP Neural Network
Ricky parmar, Ramanathan Lakshmanan, Swarnalatha Purushotham, and Rajkumar Soundrapandiyan

Chapter 18 An Energy Efficient Wireless Body Area Network Design in Health Monitoring Scenarios
Kannan Shanmugam and Karthik Subburathinam