The Rise of Intelligent Machines: AI for Enterprise
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More About This Title The Rise of Intelligent Machines: AI for Enterprise


This book offers a novel look at the concept of Intelligent Machines. The widespread feeling is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ‘here and now’ and it is going to affect every industry and business.  While there is certainly a lot of hype, this book is designed to educate the reader on the challenges of deploying AI successfully and point out that there is a clear path to deploying AI successfully.  There is a lot of misguided focus on analytics alone to the exclusion of implementing what the analytics reveal, and this book describes how analytics and intelligent automation are inter-connected.  Finally, there is no book that documents successful AI use cases.  Using case studies, this book shows managers at all levels to believe and adopt AI with greater confidence, making this book of interest to CEOs, CXOs, senior executives, data scientists, information technology professionals, consultants and academics alike.