Fundamentals of Children's Applied Pathophysiology- An Essential Guide for Nursing and HealthcareStudents
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More About This Title Fundamentals of Children's Applied Pathophysiology- An Essential Guide for Nursing and HealthcareStudents


Fundamentals of Children’s Applied Pathophysiology introduces nursing and healthcare students to the pathophysiology of the child, and offers an applied full-colour visual approach throughout. Explaining the anatomy of the human body, and the effects of disease or illness on normal physiology, it enables the reader to develop the understanding, knowledge, and skills required to know how to respond and provide safe and effective high-quality care to children and their families.

Key features:

  • Written by an experienced author team
  • Filled with superb full-colour illustrations
  • Packed with learning features, including key words, test-your-knowledge, exercises, further reading, and learning outcomes
  • Includes case studies to help readers understand how to apply the knowledge in clinical practice
  • Contains links to clinical observations, vital signs to look out for, investigations boxes, red flags to indicate essential information to be aware of when providing care, and medication alerts

Fundamentals of Children's Applied Pathophysiology is an ideal book for pre-registration nursing students, including child and adult nurses, as well as for all healthcare professionals who come into contact with children and their families.



ELIZABETH GORMLEY-FLEMING is Head of Department for Nursing (Children's, Learning Disability and Mental Health) and Social Work, University of Hertfordshire, UK.

IAN PEATE OBE FRCN is Visiting Professor of Nursing, Editor-in-Chief of the British Journal of Nursing, and Head of School, School of Health Studies, Gibraltar.


List of contributors vii

Preface xiii

Acknowledgements xv

About the companion website xvii

How to use your textbook xix

Chapter 1 The cell and body tissue 1
Peter S. Vickers

Chapter 2 Genetics 27
Peter S. Vickers

Chapter 3 Cancer 51
Tanya Urquhart-Kelly

Chapter 4 Homeostasis 67
Mary Brady

Chapter 5 Inflammation, immune response and healing 83
Alison Mosenthal

Chapter 6 Shock 115
Usha Chandran

Chapter 7 Pain and pain management 133
Helen Monks, Kate Heaton‐Morley and Sarah McDonald

Chapter 8 Disorders of the nervous system 159
Petra Brown

Chapter 9 Disorders of the cardiac system 179
Sheila Roberts

Chapter 10 Disorders of the respiratory system 213
Elizabeth Mills, Rosemary Court and Susan Fidment

Chapter 11 Disorders of the endocrine system 233
Julia Petty

Chapter 12 Disorders of the digestive system 257
Ann L. Bevan

Chapter 13 Disorders of the renal system 279
Cathy Poole

Chapter 14 Disorders of the reproductive systems 311
Michele O’Grady

Chapter 15 Disorders of the musculoskeletal system 335
Liz Gormley‐Fleming

Chapter 16 Disorders of the skin 359
Liz Gormley‐Fleming

Index 383