Audel Industrial Pumps Mini-Ref
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Introducing an Audel "Mini-Ref" for troubleshooting and repair of Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are the second most sold piece of new or repair equipment behind electric motors. Sure, they've been around since 1851 but they can be tricky to repair and maintain. This latest addition to the Audel Mini-Ref library includes generic information (non-vendor specific) and features crisply illustrated charts, tables, and diagrams, along with rules-of-thumb and quick tips to make information useful to tradespeople in field situations.

  • Presents the key elements needed for pump repair and maintence at the job site
  • Tool box or pocket sized with lay flat binding to allow craftsperson to use both hands while checking out some facts necessary for the repair
  • Find answers fast when you need them the most using the author's logical presentation of facts and data
  • Includes a focus on "green" thinking, energy efficiency, and maintenance techniques to keep material

An indispensible companion for staying current with industrial pump repair and maintenance, this handy guide is a tool no skilled tradesperson should be without.