Occupational Therapy with Groups
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More About This Title Occupational Therapy with Groups


Group work is a significant mode of intervention for occupational therapists. There is strong evidence to demonstrate that groups offer opportunities for mutual sharing, support, and problem solving. They are also a means through which individuals can be creative and productive, encouraging the development of skills in a social context. Whether in hospital or community settings, work with groups will always be a vital part of the OT’s skill set.

As the profession develops, however, occupational therapists are increasingly finding themselves in new and emerging areas of practice, for instance in the co-ordination of community-based interventions aimed at the prevention of ill health,  or in the development of self-management programmes. Given this increased scope, OTs are being challenged to build on their group facilitation skills, to consider how to translate their existing understanding of group work to these new contexts, and to navigate the many opportunities and complexities that these settings present.

This book is aimed at practitioners wishing to develop their skills in group work. It will be of value to those practising in the fields of physical rehabilitation, mental health and learning disabilities, as well as to OTs working in emerging settings. Grounded in evidence-based practice, it takes a highly practical approach, with rich narratives (from therapists and group participants) to illustrate theory and offer concrete examples of how to implement ideas. The book challenges some of the existing models of group work, and highlights the importance of an occupation-centred approach.