Buddhist Philosophy: A Comparative Approach
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More About This Title Buddhist Philosophy: A Comparative Approach


Buddhist Philosophy: A Comparative Approach presents a series of readings that examine the prominent thinkers and texts of the Buddhist tradition in the round, introducing contemporary readers to major theories and debates at the intersection of Buddhist and Western thought.

  • Takes a comparative, rather than oppositional, approach to Buddhist philosophy, exploring key theories and debates at the intersection of Eastern and Western thought
  • Addresses a variety of topics that represent important points of convergence between the Buddhist and Western philosophical traditions
  • Features contributions from a wide array of acclaimed international scholars in the discipline
  • Provides a much-needed cross-cultural treatment of Buddhist philosophy appropriate for undergraduate students and specialists alike


STEVEN M. EMMANUEL is Professor of Philosophy at Virginia Wesleyan College, USA. He is the author of Kierkegaard and the Concept of Revelation (1995) and editor of A Companion to Buddhist Philosophy (Wiley Blackwell, 2013), The Blackwell Guide to the Modern Philosophers: From Descartes to Nietzsche (Wiley Blackwell, 2001), and Modern Philosophy: An Anthology (2002).


Notes on Contributors vii

Acknowledgments xi

Abbreviations xiii

Editor’s Introduction 1
Steven M. Emmanuel

1 Buddhist Philosophy as a Way of Life: The Spiritual Exercises of Tsongkhapa 11
Christopher W. Gowans

2 The Other Side of Realism: Panpsychism and Yog¨¡c¨¡ra 29
Douglas Duckworth

3 Emergentist Naturalism in Early Buddhism and Deweyan Pragmatism 45
John J. Holder

4 Metaphysical Dependence, East and West 63
Ricki Bliss and Graham Priest

5 Metaphysics and Metametaphysics with Buddhism: The Lay of the Land 87
Tom J.F. Tillemans

6 Are Reasons Causally Relevant for Action? Dharmak¨©rti and the Embodied Cognition Paradigm 109
Christian Coseru

7 Zen’s Nonegocentric Perspectivism 123
Bret W. Davis

8 Rhetoric of Uncertainty in Zen Buddhism and Western Literary Modernism 145
Steven Heine

9 From the Five Aggregates to Phenomenal Consciousness: Toward a Cross©\Cultural Cognitive Science 165
Jake H. Davis and Evan Thompson

10 Embodying Change: Buddhism and Feminist Philosophy 189
Erin A. McCarthy

11 Buddhist Modernism and Kant on Enlightenment 205
David Cummiskey

12 Compassion and Rebirth: Some Ethical Implications 221
John Powers

Further Reading 239

Index 243